Power Generation Lubricants

Our Non-Varnishing Power Turbine Lubricants Are Revolutionizing The Power Generation Industry

Major oil companies have been forced to remove carcinogens in their base stocks, and after a few iterations (Group I to Group II to now Group III base stocks), the outcome are base materials with poor solvency and issues with heightened varnish formation. The PowerGen market incorporates sophisticated (servo) valves in their process that are intolerant of these decomposition products, causing unscheduled trips (shutdowns).

In chemistry, ”likes dissolve likes”. PAG’s are polar molecules that produce polar byproducts that will always remain soluble in the base stock. They are unique in that they are chemically incapable of producing insoluble varnish. After 6-years and over 50,000 hours of varnish-free performance, General Electric now includes PAG’s in their GEK 32568h specification for large frame gas turbines. If you desire varnish-free performance and reliability, synthetic PAG turbine fluids are your answer. If the budget doesn’t allow, or no outage is scheduled for some time, ACT has patented a solution in a treatment that can be added to existing turbine oil to shift the polarity of the circulating oil to have similar non-varnishing characteristics to the straight PAG chemistry. Our objective is to provide the PowerGen industry viable solutions to issues that plague end-users. PAG chemistry is satisfying these needs over several platforms and eliminating costly trips.

Our TF-25 lubricant has received GE approval for use in their turbines (http://www.ge-energy.com/products_and_services/products/gas_turbines_heavy_duty/)

EcoSafe TF-25

EcoSafe TF-25

GEK32568 H – Highlighting PAG Language

EcoSafe EHC

EcoSafe EHC Package

EcoSafe Revive:

Revive PI

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Revive Case Study

EcoSafe Revive
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EcoSafe Revive
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EcoSafe Revive Why
PAG-Based Fluids Don’t Varnish

Wind Turbine Lubricants

PAG gear lubricants are being increasingly used in Wind Turbine gear boxes due to their high performance in high loading conditions and the failure of conventional lubricants in these applications.

Wind Turbine Lubricants


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Field Service
Report – Moventas Gearbox Conversion

Typical Wear Performance Characteristics for EcoGear

Wind Turbine Lubricants

PAG Lubricants are also used in Hydro Turbines due to their high performance characteristics and their environmental footprint. UCON Trident is presently being used in Francis Hydro turbines and other similar turbines especially in environmentally sensitive areas.

UCON Trident:

UCON Trident- Rexroth Pump Approval

Trident Package

UCON Trident Environmental Bulletin

Neptune AW Lubricants

AW Series

Neptune AW Typical Environmental Properties