Synthetic Compressor Fluids

A synthetic compressor fluid in today’s world puts a great deal of trust into the relatively small reservoir of fluid circulating thru the components. High operating temperatures and moisture play havoc on the long-term service life of these fluids.
PAG’s are inert to water, and are very thermally stable. PAG’s are polar molecules that produce polar byproducts that will always remain soluble in the base stock. They are unique in that they are chemically incapable of producing insoluble varnish. Current formulation incorporating PAG base stocks are yielding 8 years of uninterrupted performance and fluid service life in between fluid change outs. ACT is currently formulating the next generation of PAG-based synthetic compressor fluids that we expect to achieve 12K hours of uninterrupted performance and service life. Our long-life synthetic compressor lubricants are a synergistic blend of polyglycol (PAG) with polyol ester (POE) and they are designed exclusively for rotary screw air compressor applications where fluid is exposed to elevated temperatures for extended periods of time. The expected life of SynLube P12 is 12,000 hours, or 50% longer than typical 8000 hour OEM compressor fluids. It is especially advantageous in high temperature applications and does not leave varnish or sludge as polyalphaolefin (PAO) or mineral oil based products often do.


SynLube P12

SynLube 751

3 Conversion Procedure to SynLube 32

2b RSC Air End P12 Editable P12 Benefit Version

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