About Us

Coast Lubricants & Industrial Supply distributes products that are at the forefront of innovation and technology in:

  • Diesel Engine Diagnostic Tools
  • Auto Lubrication and Lubrication Tools
  • Greases
  • Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants
  • Fire-Resistant Lubricants
  • Gas and Hydro Turbine Lubricants
  • Corrosion Protection and Control

Coast Lubricants & Industrial Supply is an independent, locally owned company based in Nanaimo, BC, Canada. We distribute globally and have dealers in North America, South America, and South Africa.

We will continue to create, deliver, and technically support high performance solutions that extend equipment life, reduce operating costs and protect the environment.

Coast Lubricants & Industrial Supply employees have extensive experience, product knowledge, and provide solutions to many industries. Combined with the technical support of our suppliers we provide our customers with the utmost confidence in using the highest performing products along with superior customer satisfaction hence our motto

“Technology of the future – Service from the past”

Our Vision

Our vision is to turn our customers into INDUSTRY MAVERICKS who seek SOLUTION DRIVEN changes to enhance their operations.  We turn the phrase “that’s the way we have always done it around here” into “we use the best solutions for our company”