Amusement Park Lubricants

Amusement Park Lubricants

Amusement Parks are under intense scrutiny to use the best lubricants for fluid cleanliness. As PAG based lubricants do not varnish they provide years of trouble free operation for amusement park operators. Universal Studios, Cirque du Soleil, Disney, are just some of the amusement park operators realizing the benefits of varnish free operation in their crucial hydraulic systems. PAG fluids also have excellent environmental properties and are less harmful to their customers and employees. It is also important for operators to have as little maintenance as possible and keep downtime to a minimum. Our high performing lubricants do just that and there are no other products that can match our lubricants when all these parameters are considered for an amusement park.

Neptune® AW Hydraulic Lubricants

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SynLube P12

SynLube P12

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