Tecplex Greases

Calcium Sulfonate greases can significantly increase your equipment life and have many advantages over conventional lithium, aluminum complex, and other greases. Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • Shear stability
  • High temperature performance
  • Extreme pressure and Anti-Wear
  • Water resistance
  • Corrosion resistance.

Due to its excellent performance, complex calcium sulfonate grease has a wide range of uses, and can be used in automobiles (automobile chassis, suspension systems, universal joints, wheel lubrication), agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, food machinery, iron and steel metallurgy, mining, papermaking, shipbuilding, railway, power generation and other industries, such as continuous casting machine, ball mill, crusher, marine and underwater facilities lubrication, pellet mills, etc..

Daubert has a long history with Calcium Sulfonate technology and produces the most advanced Calcium Sulfonate greases in the world. They are light years ahead of the competition and our field test results in all industries prove it over and over. Daubert’s continual commitment to research and development keeps us as the market leader. Tecplex is the choice for heavy duty applications.

More information on Daubert’s line of Tecplex’s superior Calcium Sulfonate greases follow. If you are looking for a specific application please contact us as we can formulate a superior grease for any application.

Tecplex are superior Calcium Sulfonate (CS) greases that are light years ahead of the competition. Daubert’s commitment to research and development and their present portfolio of superior CS greases make them the market leader in grease technology for heavy duty applications such as mines, heavy machinery, steel mills, manufacturing plants. agriculture, trucking, food grade, etc.

Downloadable Content

TecPlex 2460TK Heavy Duty Xtreme Pressure Super Tacky Calcium Sulfonate Grease

TecPlex 2460M5 Heavy Duty Steel Mill 5% Moly Calcium Sulfonate Grease

TecPlex 2460 Heavy Duty Extreme Pressure Multipurpose Calcium Sulfonate Grease

TecPlex 2220SBT Synthetic Cold Temperature Calcium Sulfonate Grease

TecPlex 2100-H1 Food Grade Halal Calcium Sulfonate Grease

TecPlex 1460 Steel Mill Calcium Sulfonate Grease

TecPlex 1150HP 5% Moly CAT Approverd Calcium Sulfonate Grease

TecPlex 00150HP Open Gear Calcium Sulfonate Grease