Advantages of Easylube’s Industrial Automated Single Point Lubricator


Quality Assured – 2 Year Warranty on Easylube products. No other automatic lubricator on the market comes close.


  • Contains a microchip/antenna which is tagged to the Easylube grease lubricator
  • Transmits bearing lubrication status to the handheld device’s Easylube APP
  • It enables real time tracking of lubrication to achieve maintenance excellence
  • Assures the entire plant lubrication program is well managed

Electro-Mechanical Unit

Driven by electricity (not by gas, chemicals or spring driven)

Filled with Grease of Choice

Very cost effective as canisters/battery are inexpensive

Temperature Range

From -20C to 90C – Unlike others, Easylube lubricators are not affected by temperature fluctuations

Connection Thread

Made of strong and durable BPA flex 1.2″ (M) strong thread that will not easily break

Battery Type

Is a 6V Lithium battery pack (not used in any household items or toys)

Visible Indicator

A warning light flashes when grease supply is exhausted or if a feed blockage occurs

Remote Mounting

Remote mounting (up to 4.6m away) and quick connections allow lubricators to service difficult to reach grease points, ensuring maintenance is both simple and safe

RFID Software

Software is equipped with a built-in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) reader and MQL software on Laptop or Desktop

Operating Pressure

  • Lubricant quality and quantity is guaranteed with Easylube – the most accurate lubricator on the market!
  • 75-150 psi (5-10 bar) – Tested – output pressure self adjusts for the pipeline
  • Impulse lubrication reduces the risk of over-lubrication
  •  Each lube point’s grease feed rate and condition is tracked by the Guardwatch/Skymonitor APP on your mobile device

Easylube Guardwatch Service & Maintenance Software and Reports

  • General Records to check bearing abnormality and missed inspections
  • Pre-warning monitor to check grease balance and date of replacement
  • Pre-warning monitor displays a warning light (red) 15 days before due date of replacement

Refill Kit

  • Drive unit can be used repeatedly with the new lithium battery pack
  • Special designed refill kit
  • Economical and reliable
  • Grease capacity of 150ml and 250ml
  • Eliminate manual recording mistakes – giving you up to date bearing lubrication information
  • Specific grease feed tracking rate in each single lube-point on site

Tax Benefit

The Easylube Lubricator is classified as a machine or a tool (not a disposable unit) – so it is not considered a consumable so it can be depreciated on the books.

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