Die Cast And Forging Lubricants

Coast Lubricants Ltd. supplies a diverse range of products to the die casting and forging industry, including polyalkylene glycol (PAG) and water glycol (WG) fire retardant hydraulic fluids. These fluids are designed to provide essential fire resistance while protecting equipment under severe service conditions such as those found in die casting and forging operations. We introduced our line of WG fluids in the mind 1980s and have been a reliable supplier to the global die casting and forging industry since that time. When the industry challenged us to address unsolved issues with existing fire retardant hydraulic fluids, we responded with game-changing EcoSafe® FR PAG-based fluid, which has gained widespread acceptance and become the industry standard for high performance.

EcoSafe FR Package



SynLube P12

SpectraKool RB-G

SpectraCut Series


TrimLube 20 LO

TrimLube 103 LO

TrimLube ME Plus