Synthetic PAG Gear Fluids

As gearbox manufacturers continue to challenge lubricant suppliers based on higher operating parameters, PAG’s are up to the task. Taking advantage of the benefits of the base stock, gear fluids incorporating PAG’s possess inherent excellent load-carrying capabilities. In applications where mineral-based gear compounds are pushed beyond their limits due to operating conditions, PAG’s will outperform the conventional lubricants and provide real value. They have been used successfully for several years in the cast iron pipe industry in planetary gears with small reservoirs operating at extreme temperatures. Since conversion to PAG-based gear fluids, the mill has experienced an increase of over 10 times the fluid service life in between change outs.
Extreme Pressure (EP) additive packages used in gear fluids are typically comprised of active sulfur and phosphorus. Active sulfur is incompatible with yellow metals (used in worms gears for example), and can cause premature wear and failure in the mating surfaces. In turn, ACT proactively formulated our “9” series that utilizes a yellow-metal friendly EP package specifically suited for these applications.